Brussels Beer Cafe

Best Place for Pork & Crafted Belgium Beer House Malaysia | Brussels Beer Cafe

The Food

Belgian cuisines are served tasty, filling, savory and unpretentiousness with good quality. At Brussels Beer Café, we serve you our popular Belgian scrumptious dishes like; mouth watering Crispy Roasted Pork Knuckle, Braised Lamb Shank, Belgium Foot Long Doggies, Moules Mariniere, and not missing out our Homemade Belgian Waffles with thick chocolate sauce and other delightful healthy dishes.

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The Bar/Beer

The bar at Brussels Beer Cafe is our heart and soul and is the favorite place for many locals to get together for a night out or to catch a few pints before heading back after work during happy hours. At the bar, we serve you best chilled beers with a wide variety of imported and draft beers to choose from. We are the only restaurant serving you draft Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe fresh off the tap.

The Place

Brussels Beer Café is a great place for you to enjoy our variety delicious Belgian meals. You will find our café has an excellent interior and comfortable seating area for you to either to dine or to mingle around the bar.

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The Staffs

In Brussels Beer Café, our staffs play the important piece. We can have the best food and promotions but without the right staff to make it all happen, it unravels pretty quickly. The staff at Brussels, with their genuine personality, it makes dining fun and delightful!

The Guest

And finally, the last part of the picture is the guest. Whether they stop in for a quiet pint, some lunch, or to gather with friends for a crazy fun night, it is the loyal Brussels’ customer that contributes most of the magic to the Belgium pub.The goal of Brussels Beer Café and its staff is to strive to bring you the best that Belgian culture has to offer, without you having to look for your passport.

With great food, many tantalizing choices of beer, a relax ambience and excellent service; will bring you back again and again.