Brussels Beer Café

Brussels Beer Cafe - The Place


Brussels Beer Café is a great place for you to enjoy our variety delicious Belgian meals. You will find our café has an excellent interior and comfortable seating area for you to either to dine or to mingle around the bar.

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Belgian cuisines are served tasty, filling, savoury and unpretentiousness with good quality. At Brussels Beer Café, we serve you our popular Belgian scrumptious dishes like; mouthwatering Crispy Roasted Pork Knuckle, Braised Lamb Shank, Belgium Foot Long Doggies, Moules Mariniere, and not missing out our Homemade Belgian Waffles with thick chocolate sauce and other delightful healthy dishes.

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Brussels Beer Cafe - The Food

Brussels Beer Cafe

Brussels Beer Cafe - Main Course

Brussels Galerie

Brussels Galerie offers a welcoming, friendly environment to anyone who enjoys great Belgian beers and gastronomic food. The heart and soul of Brussels Galerie is our wide selection of Belgian draft beers. Each glass of beer is lovingly pured from our own state of the art T-font taps with the coldest glycol system in place. Featuring over 40 types of imported beers in a customized gigantic fridge for the best drinking experience. Brussels Galerie’s food offering features the Belgian favorites, such as moules, croquettes, blind finches, crispy roasted pork knuckles and braised lamb shank. Our chefs have also creatively included some delicious fusion in the attractive menu to fit in the local culinary culture. Brussels Galeries is designed with a modern industrial look with a touch of Belgian settings. Overall restaurant space is not too crowded with indoor and al fresco seating to choose from. Definitely a great place for every occasion!

Brussels Galerie
Brussels Galerie 

Brussels Galerie